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Elementi casuali dalla galleria

Logo degli Scorpions
 Views: 1273
Posted by geekomo
Mar 31, 2005
in Creative Commons License
Jefferson Airplane (1966)
Jefferson Airplane photographed by Herb Greene at The Matrix club, San Francisco, in 1966. A cropped version was used for the front cover of Surrealistic Pillow.

The author allows the use of this photo if not for commercial purposes:
 Views: 265
Posted by MultiformeIngegno
Mag 22, 2010
in Copyrighted License
David Bowie - Nürburg 1987
David Bowie al Nürburgring (Germania) in occasione del Rock am Ring del 1987.
 Views: 251
Posted by Devilslord
Ago 18, 2010
in Creative Commons License
Richard Benson (2008)
Richard Benson in una foto scattata per Repubblica XL.

L'artista ha concesso a i diritti di pubblicazione.
 Views: 179
Posted by MultiformeIngegno
Ago 29, 2010
in Own Work or Free License
Metallica (Reykjavík, 2004)
Metallica live @ Reykjavík, 2004.

Picture distributed under Fair Use because used for commercial purposes.
 Views: 1172
Posted by MultiformeIngegno
Lug 06, 2004
in Copyrighted License