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In questo album sono raccolte tutte le immagini utilizzate in RockCiclopedia coperte da copyright. Qualora utilizzate verranno sempre insieme ad esse riportati l'autore, la fonte ed il legittimo detentore dei diritti.
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System of a Down - System of a Down cover album
Cover dell'album System of a Down (1998) dei System of a Down.
 Views: 330
Posted by geekomo
Jan 30, 2010
Led Zeppelin
I Led Zeppelin.
In ordine da sinistra: John Paul Jones, John Bonham, Robert Plant e Jimmy Page.
 Views: 22810
Feb 02, 2010
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin a San Jose, California, 1968.
 Views: 2129
Feb 02, 2010
Queen (Logo)
Logo dei Queen.<br /><br />In questa pagina è rappresentato un marchio registrato. Si ritiene però che esso possa essere riprodotto su Rockciclopedia - limitatamente alle voci che riguardano direttamente l’azienda proprietaria e i prodotti della stessa - in osservanza del Codice della proprietà…
 Views: 4815
Feb 03, 2010
Pink Floyd (1968)
Pink Floyd with all members (1968). Nick Mason, Syd Barrett, Dave Gilmour, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright.

This image is a faithful digitisation of a unique historic image, and the copyright for it is most likely held by the person who created the image or the agency employing the person. It is b…
 Views: 2709
Feb 03, 2010
Images and Words - Dream Theater
La copertina di "Images and Words", album dei Dream Theater.
 Views: 709
Posted by Skylab
Feb 08, 2010
Led Zeppelin (1968)
1968 promotional photo of the English hard rock band Led Zeppelin by Atlantic Records.

This is a copyrighted image that has been released by a company or organization to promote their work or product in the media, such as advertising material or a promotional photo in a press kit.

It's qualified…
 Views: 7223
Feb 09, 2010
Ray Charles (Harlem, 1990)
Ray Charles at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, 10 November 1990.
 Views: 8197
Feb 11, 2010
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Image of deceased guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Rationale for use on RockCiclopedia (fair use):
1.No free equivalent exists that would effectively identify the article's subject - no free images have been allocated for this person.
2.The image does not in any way limit the ability of th…
 Views: 5320
Feb 11, 2010
 Views: 104
Posted by Skylab
Feb 11, 2010
Marilyn Manson (2007)
Marilyn Manson, November 2007.
 Views: 347
Apr 17, 2009
Angus Young (2003)
Angus Young, chitarrista degli AC/DC. Foto scattata a Londra all'Hammersmith Odeon con una Canon PowerShot G3, F2.5, 1/640s, ISO 200.

Riproduzione concessa a direttamente dall'autore (via FlickrMail).
 Views: 300
Feb 13, 2010
 Views: 50
Posted by Skylab
Feb 13, 2010
 Views: 82
Posted by Skylab
Feb 13, 2010
Highway to Hell - AC/DC (cover)
Copertina dell'album "Highway to Hell", degli AC/DC.
 Views: 8188
Posted by geekomo
Mar 04, 2010
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