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ACDC_-_Back_In_Black.ogg(dimensione del file: 278 KB, tipo MIME: application/ogg)



A 30 second sample of the AC/DC song "Back in Black" in Ogg Vorbis format



Licenza d’uso

Fair Use, see below the claiming reasons

Detentore copyright

Rationale for fair use in AC/DC article

This is a sound sample from a commercial recording. Its inclusion here is claimed as fair use because:

  • There is no free replaceable sound sample of the real song.
  • Demonstrates the subject in question product, but not all of it to be considered stealing.
  • Shows readers an audio example of the subject in question.
  • 30-second samples are available in the iTunes Store and under fair use copyright.
  • Doesn't harm or limit the sale of the subject in question's material.

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