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Primo dvd pubblicato dalla band milanese Tracce


Wacken 2007:


"To The Edge"

"Fragments of Faith"


"In Visible Light"




"What I See"

"Enjoy the Silence"

"Heaven's a Lie"

"Our Truth"

Loudpark 2007:

" Intro/To The Edge"



"Within Me"

"Daylight Dancer"

"Our Truth"

Music videos

"Our Truth (Promotional Video)"

"Enjoy the Silence (Promotional Video)"

"Closer (Promotional Video)"

"Within Me (Promotional Video)" Extra

"The Band:

"Simple As Water"

"Inside Milan"

"The Leaning Journey of Pizza"

"7-Seven... Strings Life"

"The Real Thing"

"Enter The Drummer"

"Behind The Scenes: Australian Tour 2007"

"First Time In Japan"

"Making Of The Our Truth Video"

"Making Of The Closer Video"

"Fan Submissions (Lacuna Coil's Introductory Clip)"

"Empty Spiral Interview"

"To The Edge Remix Contest (Photogallery)"

"Inside The Spiral (Link)"